Power Table Dropdown get underlying value from script

Hi everyone,
I am stuck on something that I hope has an easy answer.
We use numerous power tables, with cells configured for drop down editors that are filled by SQL Queries of
The issue I am having is how do I get the actual value of the CELL(ID) and not the text that the drop down displays?
We use right click popup menus and some of the subsequent scripting relies on the actual cell value and not the text being displayed. getValueAt returns the text instead of the value.

None of the dig deep java gurus have an idea on this? :frowning:

this will give you the actual select value from a drop down if I am understanding you right.

event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Your Drop Down Name Goes Here’).selectedValue

It seems to me you’d need to implement both a custom cell editor and a custom cell renderer. The editor would return the desired underlying value, and the renderer would display the desired visible string given the underlying value.