Power table dropdown list

I started using power table recently, and I want that when clicking on a specific column
a dropdown list will be shown, I saw that this could be accomplished by the
“configureEditor” function, but when I do that no dropdown option is being shown,
here is my code:
if colName == ‘CompanyName’ :
drop_down_list =
companies = system.db.runPrepQuery(“SELECT CompanyName from Companies”,)
for company_index in range(companies.getRowCount):
key_value_tuple = (company_index,companies.getValueAt(company_index,“CompanyName”))
system.db.refresh(self, “data”)
return {‘options’: drop_down_list}
I also tried the default example:

if colName == ‘Mail’:
return {‘options’: [(0, ‘A Shift’), (1, ‘B Shift’), (2, ‘C Shift’)]}

but it didn’t work either.
could anyone help please

Is the column editable? Make sure you’ve overriden the ‘isCellEditable’ function, and that the column is marked ‘Editable’ in the table customizer/column attributes dataset.