Power Table dynamic column hide

Ok, I was thinking I could use configurecell to look at column headers and show or hide the column based on the name of it compared to a tag, but that does not seem to be an available attribute. Am I missing something?

(IE I have a database table with many columns, in the pattern R00000. Based on a referenced object being 0-9, I would like to hide columns except those where the second digit matches.)
Extracting digit 2 is trivial; digit=ColName[1:2].
is there a way to turn that column off?

Hi Gregsachs,

How are you populating this table? It would be easier if you make a dynamic Named Query with parameters and filter the incoming data onto the table. Another approach would be to create a Custom Property for each column, then create a Cell Update binding for “Column Attributes” property on the Power Table Component. Hide is one of the attributes and you can bind this specifically to one of your custom properties. You would then create an expression binding on these custom properties to check if a tag matches the value.


Ok, I can see how the column set would work.
My big issue is that I have 400 columns/data points to present, and I have been trying to avoid most of the obvious ways of grouping, IE named query with parameters or similar.

Hi Gregory Sachs,

Unfortunately, those two solutions are the most ideal way to solve this issue. Alternatively, creating a dynamic named query, then creating a script on a button component to pull that data and use scripting to alter that dataset will also work. However, I highly suggest querying the ones that you would like to show on the table rather than trying to get rid of them one by one.


Sure, use a binding in columns prop based on data and adding a script transform to build the complex structure using your trivial demostration.