Power Table Help

I have this data in a Transaction group and want to put it into a power table. This I have completed. But where I am lost is how I could put the data in rows and columns based on the Target Name. I have a eight lane system that I want to compare raw data by rows and columns of like data, but have no clue where to start parsing the data. So the one transaction group data would fill in 8 rows of data.

I would also like to change the viewed data by date which I think I can handle once I have an Idea of how to organized the data.

I am trying to emulate a excel report that is manually entered now.

If someone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

I would organize the like data from each wrapper into a SINGLE column (instead of 8 columns, one for each wrapper) Simply have a column called wrapper to distinguish between the different wrappers.
To achieve this, you can create 8 separate transaction groups, one for each wrapper. Have the wrapper number hard coded in, and the respective values all pointing to the same target column in the database.
This data format will make it much easier to retrieve it in the manner you are looking for.

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