Power Table hidden column value

How can i get the value of a hidden column when row selected? Hidden columns do not appear to have a column index in the Power Table, if they do they are not in order and the table.getValueAt(row, col) requires an index not a column name.


try({Root Container.Power Table.data}[{Root Container.Power Table.selectedRow},2],'None Selected')


#Column Index 2 is hidden in the Table.
Table1 = event.source.parent.getComponent('Power Table')
	HiddenColumn = str(Table1.data.getValueAt(Table1.selectedRow,2))
	event.source.parent.getComponent('Text Field 1').text=HiddenColumn
	event.source.parent.getComponent('Text Field 1').text="No Row Selected"

Hi Jerry,

Try using table.data.getValueAt, instead of table.getValueAt


nmudge, i tried table.data but i get “object has no attribute ‘data’”. This is a Power Table.

Hi Jerry,

That should not happen. Can you please show the full Python script?


I got it to work but this is the code that I was using that did not work with ‘data’.

Inside the OnDoubleClick event:

tried to get the table several ways
table = event.source
table = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘tableName’)

param = table.getValueAt(rowIndex, 1)
and tried
param = table.data.getValueAt(rowIndex, 1) (this gave me the data error)

What did work was simply using the ‘self’ attribute.

param = self.data.getValueAt(rowIndex, “ColumnName”)

Hi Jerry,

I understand. In the onDoubleClick extension function self and event.source are different objects. self is the table. event.source is an object created from an inner class of the table.