Power Table Marquee?


Can someone help me with adding a ‘marquee’ function to a power table? I assume this is possible because the alarm table can do this. How would I go about scripting in a marquee, and can I change scroll speed variables, etc? Thanks!

You would have to do this on the Java side of things I’m afraid.

You should be able to get the JScrollPane from the table, and after that you can set the visible rectangle on that table.

F.e. see this post on how to get the scroll pane of some elements

alright! Thanks for the start.

I can see how to use that information to access the scroll bar (made a button with script from your linked post and it works fine), but how would I go about making the bar auto-scroll? Is there any built in function for that or I would have to build something from scratch? Sorry, I assumed there would already be something baked in since some other components have a similar marquee feature.

You’ll have to build it from scratch, marquees aren’t as popular anymore.

F.e. the HTML element is also obsolete by now:

I can see their use on a display without input though.
What you probably need to do is using a timer component to shift the scrollbar every few 100 ms.