Power Table Mouse Click Events Not working

On the Power Table, the base Mouse click events are not working.

The new double click function works, but the base mouse events do not. Is this just a bug? I think I can work with the DoubleClick function in this case, but it would be nice to utilize the regular mouse events as well.

Loving the Power Table!

Keep making improvements!



Unfortunately mouse events only work on the border of the Power Table component. Talking to the developers about this issue we are going to remove the mouse event scripts and replace them an extension function that will mimic those event scripts.

I will update this thread when more information is available.


It seems like they have never fixed any of the mouse event issues still. Any way we can bump this?

Did you try the onMouseClick extension function?

Yes, those work. Albeit, I had to build my own function to detect whether I was over top of the Power Table instead of being able to use mouseEntered, and mouseExited.

It’s a consequence of the way Java Swing does event handling. Because the individual cells in the power table have to have their own mouse handlers (for things like checkboxes in boolean cells, or text fields in String cells), the table itself cannot ‘consume’ those mouse events (outside of the border, and the almost-never-visible ‘background’ when the number of rows doesn’t fill the height of the table).

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Okay, now that makes perfect sense. I guess it would be cool if they made some new functions that did some like look if you’re inside the bounding box and place them at the bottom like they did with the click and double click functions.