Power Table named query wait message

I have a Named query to fill a Power table using parameters from combos on the same window. Here the question is: How can I send a "wait" message to the user while the query is running and stop the message once the Power table is filled?

It's not clear how the table's data property is being populated. Is this a named query binding or is this being scripted? How long does the query typically take?

It's possible to make a "wait" label visible, run a query asynchronously, and use invoke later to hide the label at the end, but before we start down that road, I have to ask: what is it about the query that makes it take so long? Perhaps it would be better to explore ways to make the data retrieval more efficient.

Not when using a query binding. But if you run the query in a background thread (via system.util.invokeAsynchronous), then you could use some visual change to signal that the UI is "busy", and remove the indicators when the query result is delivered (via `system.util.invokeLater).

See this older topic for techniques you can/should use:

I like making an indeterminate progress bar visible, combined with disabling the entry fields and buttons that set up the query.

Here an image, there is a power table with NAMED query on it, in some of these reports the user can query many days of many data which can take maybe 5-10 seconds to show the information but when they click I want something telling the user "wait"

thanks I will try this

Have you created the appropriate indexes on your Temp200 table?
You should at least have an index for

  • Datetimestamp
  • Equip_id

and even better would be a multi-column index on both as well as the other two.

Yes the indexes and query are not an issue, is the amount of data and columns because this is utilized for the users to be exported for other purpouses, also when they don't have an indicator of "wait" they are not aware that the data changed on the screen (it happened).

Is this to show something visually? I bind the visibility of some text like "Loading" to the .propertiesLoading part of a table or power table which does get triggered is True as the query is running (and perhaps during initial load up of the table itself but that's never been problematic) and off when the query finishes.



Excelent, this is what I need, here the image if someone else need it.
thank you all.

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Do you mean the indexes exist or you don't think they're important? (They are!)

They Exist and are not an issue.