Power Table Popup Menu

I’m trying call a script function from a popup menu on a Power Table. While it mostly works I need to pass the function a custom property value. I’ve tried the following however the only thing I ever get back is type: java.awt.event.MouseEvent. Is there any way to get a property value?

def whereUsed(p=system.gui.getWindow("Data/DataView").rootContainer.getPropertyValue("ProgramID"),serialNumber=self.data.getValueAt(rowIndex,"SerialNumber")) :
		system.gui.messageBox("PID=" + str(type(p)))
	self.selectedRow = rowIndex

	menu = system.gui.createPopupMenu({'Where Used':whereUsed})

Add a variable to the function

def whereUsed(evt,p=system.gui.getWindow("Data/DataView").rootContainer.getPropertyValue("ProgramID"),serialNumber=self.data.getValueAt(rowIndex,"SerialNumber")):