Power Table Rounding Up

I am storing values from a CompactLogix PLC into a SQL DB table.
In SQL, I am using datatype decimal (5,3)
I have a value stored in the DB of 33.515
When I retrieve that value into the Power Table it displays as 33.52
The data format that I am using in the Power Table is #,##0.00. I have also tried #,##0.## with the same results
I only want to display 2 digits after the decimal place and do not want the value rounded.

Any ideas?


In your query use

SELECT truncate(value,2)
From Table

Below is the current query. Would I need to replace SELECT * with all the columns I am selecting and then use the truncate on only the 2 columns that are rounding?

#Define the search based on what is in the lot number text box
search = event.source.parent.getComponent('Lot Number').text
#Query the databse
results= system.db.runPrepQuery("SELECT * FROM NewTraceData WHERE WO = ?", [search])

#Populate the table with the results
event.source.parent.getComponent('Power Table').data = results

It depends on the other columns. If any are of type string, then you will need to type out all the columns.

You could also do

SELECT *, truncate(value,2) as TruncatedValue FROM ....

and it will return the truncated value as an extra column at the end. Just go into the power table and hide the non-trucated column. This would save you from typing a bunch of extra column names, but it isn’t exactly an efficient query.

Just add some script in the configureCell for that float column to format the value.