Power Table - set locale


We have a project for which we use two locales (translations): English and Romanian

In Romanian, the decimal separator is comma (1.234,10). Our user’s keyboards are set to English, so entering a dot on the numberpad results in a dot, not a comma.

When our users edit a table, entering 1.20 results in 12 rather than 1.2.

I would see two solutions to this problem:

  1. Modify the text entered by the user in the cell, replacing “,” with “.” – don’t know how to do this as I receive a float, not a string.

  2. Setting the locale for the column to Romanian. So far I have tried this:

import java.util.Locale

en_locale = java.util.Locale("en")
ro_locale = java.util.Locale("ro")

col_index = 2
comp = event.source.parent.getComponent('tbl_sen') 
current_locale = comp.columnAttributesData.getValueAt(2,"locale")

if current_locale != en_locale:
	updated_ds = system.dataset.setValue(comp.columnAttributesData, col_index, "locale", en_locale)
	comp.columnAttributesData = updated_ds

Doesn’t seem to work. Is the column “locale” read-only? Do you have any suggestions?