Power table sometimes not populating?

I have a power table in a popup window. The data Query is a SQL Query that is polling every 3 seconds. This query does use a Root Container custom property in it, which is fed to the pop up as a parameter. The window also has a Never cache policy, because previously sometimes opening a new popup would have the data from a previously opened popup when it shouldn’t have, until the table was clicked/cells were clicked.

Now, sometimes when the popup is opened, there is nothing in the power table. One of two things happens - it takes a second and stuff appears. Or nothign appears, and I have to start clicking on Cells and then I see the content. Why is this happening? Is there some way to fix it or force it to work? Has anyone else experienced this with the power tables? I’m using Ignition 7.9.1.

EDIT: I found out what happened. I was using configureCell and trying to use a hex color that wasn’t a hex color ie instaed of having six characters it had 5. So it messed everything up. Believe that was the reason as it’s working well now. Just in case anyone else has the same issue later on, make sure your table is actually able to paint itself the way you want it to!