Power Table Start and End Times Using Memory Tags

I have 2 memory tags which contains a start and end date time of when a certain function was ran on a machine. I’d like to be able to report on other tag values and their timestamps between the start time and end time, which are both in the memory tags. I tried to create this report in a perspective table component but the memory tag date and time is showing up as null when I try to bind it. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Any advice would be helpful. I am open to other ideas too.

How are you “binding” it?

First I tried binding it as a start date and end date in the tag history binding and was confused why the data wouldn’t filter on those dates.

Then I tried binding it to a date time picker and saw the value is null for if I bind to the value or if I bind to the formatted value.

Are there permissions on the tags?

No, no permissions

I wondered if it has to do with the format of the date time, when i click on the value it changes to this: Tue Apr 05 12:09:11 CDT 2022 instead of being in the yyyy-MM-dd h:mm:ss aa format that the tag is in.

Is the tag a string? It should be a DateTime.

no, it is datetime