Power Table whiting out text for no discernable reason?

A odd aesthetic issue I have with a power table I use to let people select items off with a checkbox, occasionally the text columns text goes white and multipel rows will be affected, though I can’t discern any deterministic pattern as to which ones. Like this -


I selected the person above Matt Tevald, and then that row and the row above it both turned white.

My configure cell script is only a one liner
return {'background': 'white'}

I don’t have any bindings on foreground color color or similar, and no other scripting that affects foreground color. Why is this happening/how can I fix it? Is there a way to manually make this table repaint after the selection, perhaps that would fix it? Anyone else experience this and find a fix?

What happens if you specify the foreground?

return {'foreground': 'black', 'background': 'white'}

As a personal preference, I’ll specify both foreground and background colors, whether I ultimately use it or not.

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I can’t get it to happen again so that works as a fix, thanks. Curious why this even happened in the first place though,

There are a lot of events and other things happening under the hood. Probably with the highlight events, if selections are turned on.

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Turning off row selection and reverting my configureCell script to my original also worked, so it was definitely a highlighting issue. Thanks.

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