Power table won't auto center columns and antialising messing up on headers

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I’m using a power table that’s being fed by a dynamic pivot table in sql so as new weeks come in the columns just show up in the power table. The problem that I’m having is that even if I center the columns on the power table as a new week comes in that column then changes back to right alignment. So it sets a weird look to the power table and I can’t figure out how to default the power table to center alignment. Also is there a way to have the headers be anti aliased as well? Thank you for the assistance, Regards!

You need to add a new row to the Column Attributes Dataset property for each new column name that shows up. Consider placing an “ideal” row in the c-a-d and use it as a template for each dated column name. A property change event on the ‘data’ property would be the appropriate time to update the c-a-d.

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You could also just set the alignment from the configureCell extension function to include {“horizontalAlignment”:0}

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