Power Table Wrap Text

I see the new power table has the ability to auto size the row. Is there some where I can have the text wrap if it is too long to fit in a cell and have the row auto size its height?

I second this question.

using HTML text work?

<HTML><center> "Text that is in a cell will be centered and wrap."

Open table customizer (right click–>Customizers–>Table Customizer or Ctrl-U) and enable wrap text on columns you’d like text to wrap on:


Here’s something interesting…when enabling wrap text the text is now stuck in top vertical align. Know a way around this?



Setting auto row height hides that issue (as long as only one column is ever wrapped):

It may also look okay with all columns set to top align.

For a direct solution, try setting verticalAlignment in configureCell scripting (I haven’t tested to verify this works):

Unfortunately I need the row height to be pretty large and can’t rely on auto-row height, but thanks for sharing that. I checked out verticalAlignment_ in configureCell but wasn’t able to make this work. Looks like wrap text overrides whatever is being set. I’m sure there’s another way around this.