PowerChart - Hover color not able to change

I had added below stylesheet for powercharts, as text color is white, for more visibility I want to change the hover element color.

#trendstyle .ia_powerChartComponent__tagBrowserContainer,
.ia_powerChartComponent__tagBrowserContainer__tree ,
  color: white;


I am not able to find hover properties in the styles. Please let me know what is the element name for the hover.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried using the :hover selector in combination with the classes you are using?

Yes I tried hover with background, background-color and color however nothing works for me.

using your css I got this style:

I added this and got this result when hovering my mouse over the tag browser:

#trendstyle .ia_powerChartComponent__tagBrowserContainer:hover,
.ia_powerChartComponent__tagBrowserContainer__tree:hover ,
  color: red;

Out of the topic,
I created stylesheet for Alarm Status and Alarm Journal Table and when I open Date range popup in powerchart it takes the stylesheet from Alarm status and Alarm Journal Table.

It highlights everything, for multiple storage provider and their sub category also.
Basically for everything which are under Browse Tags Table.

and for the buttons the hover elements implemented on that too.