PowerChart Point Count Limitations and Work Around

I’m currently using the PowerChart component in perspective for bulk tag history exposure. However, the Point Count query mode presents a problem when rendering tags with large row counts in the selected time range. My question is twofold:

  1. Are there any backlog items planned to allow for As Stored query mode on this component?

  2. In the interim, I need to bind the Point Count config property to match the as stored row count of any tag selected. My first thought is to add a custom property with a tag history binding that ingests all tagpaths and returns the row count > subsequently binding the point count config property to this row count. Are there any pitfalls to this approach, aside from possible degradation of render performance? Am I missing a native fix to this issue? Any other best practice recommendations?

This came up during design of the component, and we opted not to support this for the sake of performance. Each point (fort each tag displaying) will result in an SVG element added to the DOM. This would kill you browser pretty quickly when you above the ~20,000 mark (dependent on your hardware).

That technique is possible, but be prepared for that render performance hit. In addition, if this value is changing often (cadence in the seconds), you’ll be creating new tag history queries per change. This won’t cause additional render performance issues above what you’d have without using this technique (results of that query are throttled) but you will be introducing additional churn. If it were done less frequently than every 15 seconds, as an example, you may have a technique that behaves more or less like what you’re picturing. No native fix, though.