PowerChart refreshRate binding

I'm trying to do a simple binding on the refreshRate property on a PowerChart to calculate my preferred refresh rate, while also trying to set it to 0 if a custom property refresh is equal to 0. I've attached an image of the binding script and the live values -- I can only describe the binding as completely ignoring the refresh property and setting refreshRate equal to a nonzero value even when refresh is 0, and I can't figure out why the binding is not functioning as expected. Could there be something I'm missing?

The bit of your code that I tried works for me.
(Tip: post the </>formatted code as well so that we don't have to type it all out to try it.)

Occassionally components get garbled internally. Try creating a second one and paste your code in.

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Thanks for your message. I just found a vestigial script that was writing to refreshRate and it fixed the issue. Thanks again!

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