Powerchart - Selected Pen Name as Tooltip or Popup

I'm looking for a way to show the name of the pen you are hovering or have selected when you click on the charted line in powerchart? In my old vision app when I hover over a trend line a tooltip like display shows the pen name. I'm trying to do something similar in my new perspective app so the users can easily determine which pen they are interested in.

There is a feature request by another user that is similar to what I'm looking for.

This sounds a lot like the x-trace functionality which is currently available, but you want it for just the line currently being hovered over?

I think part of the problem in us attempting something like this is going to be that we don't want to do it while a user is in pan-and-zoom mode, because we don't want to change the behavior for that mode as it is. So we'd be looking at a different mode where we do exactly what we do for x-trace but only for the pen being hovered over at a point in time.

Now, assuming we're looking at a new mode, there's two problems here which we would need to resolve:

  1. How do we clearly differentiate this from x-trace?
  2. What do we do when lines intersect? Do we show both? In the same panel? That IS x-trace. Separate panels?

I'm not saying we can't do it, but it seems like there's minimal gain from the x-trace mode against a lot of Development effort.

Yes, just like a tootip that has the pen name and ideally the value at the pointer. I don't think it would need to be a different mode, the easychart in vision provides this functionality in all modes including x-trace. The main thing is being able to identify which pen you are interested in when there are many pens within a plot. See my attached screenshot. X-trace is great when your interested in all values at a specific time, but when you have many pens and one or two are obviously abnormal, it can be difficult to determine what the name of the abnormal pen is. I have added color to each pen in order to help users identify the name but unless I'm missing something this still requires users to manually match the colors to decode which pen they are looking at. If there was a way to expose which pen is selected or highlighted then I could script something, but as far as I can tell there isn't anything in the props that will provide this info.