Powerchart Text Size Change

Hi All,

For some reason I can't seem to change the text size of the labels on the powerchart - At runtime its ignoring the font sizes set in the designer and inheriting from elsewhere?
Any ideas why? (This applies to label and the tick marks)


Slight update this morning - This is only happening on firefox browser!



Did anyone find a fix for this? We are using 8.1.33 and are encountering the same issue.

I had to switch to a chromium based browser engine sadly - I.e. edge or chrome :face_holding_back_tears:

Dang! I was hoping it was a bug that IA might fix since perspective is supposed to be supported for all major browsers. Chrome is not to bad I guess :frowning:

I learnt that the hard way too!

I seem to remember from the support call I had 7 months ago that ignition works on firefox, but its not 100% officially supported. The issue I had was with something else for that call, but applies here too.

The reason is:

This issue has arisen in the past, where Firefox will interpret CSS properties differently, which can lead to formatting issues and discrepancies compared to Chromium browsers.

Thats a direct quote from the support ticket :slight_smile:
You might be able to do something with some direct CSS targetting? I'm no expert on that yet though!