PowerFlex 525 UDT

Trying to make a UDT for PowerFlex 525 with customizable input word. control word and output word using custom or parameters properties bur I don't knowhow to do it.

Welcome! Utilize the search on this forum, it works quite well.


Also, there is an exchange resource that you may find useful.

Have you created such a UDT in a Rockwell or Omron processor? If so, you could temporarily point my generic EtherNet/IP driver to obtain the structure in JSON format for Ignition. (Even just in trial mode.)

If you are trying to monitor or control such a device via EtherNet/IP without a PLC, you will want that driver for that, too.

In the PLC processor(either compactlogix or controllogix) after v21 when the VFD is added what is pass is three words. My idea was to create custom properties in the UDT and "pass" those values to tags in the UDT. But I don't know how to pass values from custom properties to tags inside of the same UDT. any suggestion?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I have no idea what you're trying to do.. What do you mean by a customisable word? As in, you want to be able to map bits of the word to descriptions? For that I would either create the bits as bool tags, or create a dataset tag in your UDT and configure the mapping there, then you can use the lookup expression function to lookup the description

Create the UDT in the PLC first, if not already there, then just read those tags in Ignition.

{ I too am have trouble understanding the trouble you are having. Maybe show mockups of the variations you are trying to support? }

What I trying to do is simple:
Create an array in custom properties and pass values to tags inside the same UDT. Tried [.].cutom but came null or error. You may ask but why? that way I get an ignition UDT with only the data I need from the VFD/PLC instead of folders with a lot data I would never need and difficult to find folders.

Custom properties don't generate change events IIUC (only value/quality/timestamp), so I don't think this approach will work at all.

Why would you end up with folders with lots of data you don't need? You make your Ignition UDT with precisely the parts you need for your UI and supervisory functions, not everything the PLC has. (While you can make Ignition UDTs match 1:1 with PLC UDTs, and my module above gives you that, it is not recommended that you use them that way.)

Thanks, I just learn a lot more on UDT today.

What Phil described is not only applicable to UDTs though; you should rarely if ever just drag tags from the OPC Browser from your PLC connection over into the Ignition Tag Browser and use the tags as-is (and certainly never drag all of the tags from the device over). Tags in Ignition should be structured in folders to make SCADA development logical, and renamed if needed to be more useable. While Phil disagrees with me on this, I name my tags in Ignition with spaces so that I can simply bind to tag names to display them in the GUI.

I understand the folder structure portion. But, what do you gain by using spaces?

Human-readable names. "Total Cycles" instead of "Total_Cycles" or "TotalCycles".
If the tag is named in plain language the tag name can be displayed as the caption for a display value.

Thnks, I see what your saying as I'm usually abbreviating the tagname in the controller