Powermonitor 5000 not giving tags

I am pretty new to a lot of this and I am stuck.

I have a Powermonitor 5000 and have used the Allen Bradly SLC driver after seeing another topic that was having a similar issue with a Powermonitor 1000, I have also tried the MicroLogix driver too. My coworker said he thinks I need to configure the module for OPC servers, but I didnt see that in the manual.

Currently I see the module on ignition quick client, but it only has a diagnostics folder. My current communication protocol is EIP.

Does anyone have any ideas or know if there is a special configuration that needs to be done to get the tags from a Powermonitor 5000?

I didn't read this topic, but perhaps it has something helpful for you.

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I had read that, I see the guy talks about setting it up as a SLC and reading tags as a register. It not working that way for me. I feel like I am missing something.

Then the other guy talking about scraping is a bit over my head. Thanks for the link though.

My third-party EtherNet/IP module can read the live parameters of such devices, either by polling class/instance/attributes, or by scanning the device like a PLC would. IIRC, that model does not emulate a SLC.

Dude. Completely unhelpful. It isn't an OPC server.

(Are you using ChatGPT or other LLM to generate comments? I've noticed several of yours are oddly unhelpful for the topics they're in.)

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So I think maybe I haven't explained what I did as there seems to be confusion about what I am trying to do. I will detail it in steps and maybe you guys can point out to me where I messed this up.
-I went to the web based ignition client.
-Under OPC-UA Server I clicker Devices and at the bottom of the list I clicked "Create new Device...:
-Filled out name, description, left enabled checked, put the IP address as the hostname, and disabled processor browse. All other fields were left in their default state.

Does this help?

I understood this from your first post.

Reviewing the user manual, it appears that PLC emulation is present after all, but PLC-5 style, not SLC. See chapter 9 and appendix A.

So, try the PLC5 driver.


I figured out my mistake, I had over looked something in the other post. Thanks for pointing me to the Appendix A though that is thread that helped me getting this to work.

Setting them up as PLC5 just gave me a constant determining protocol issue. So I was playing with it on SLC and it will work but you have to enter the OPC Item Path manually. I had thought the path would be in the Browse OPC list, but it is not. So for example to get the V1 to N reading I entered ns=1;s=[MS_Chiller1_PM5000]F53:3.

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Let them post their own information.

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That's fine, too. But posting other people's material (or an LLM's output) doesn't help you learn anything, and can mislead others.