PowerTable onCellEdit get dropdown label

I’ve got a dropdown in a power table, and I’d like to grab the label that the user selected rather than the value. How to I grab that? The onCellEdit seems to return the value, but I’d like the label so I only have to keep one copy of the dropdown options somewhere.


To show the label, you need to use the configureCell extension. There you can override the text of the cell.

If your dropdown table is somewhere accessible for both, you can use the same table to get the labels.

I don’t know a shorter way to do this.

I hacked in an extension that I can call on the onCellEdit and configureEditor to grab the tuple list on both. It’s hacky but works. I’d rather just be able to grab the dropdown in the onCellEdit event and do what I need to do there but oh well. This works.