Powertable printing multiline headers

Long shot here, but is it possible to use multi-line headers in powertable’s .print() function? I tested with HTML and that just spewed HTML. :frowning:

The data has varying columns and CrossTab didn’t work, so this is implemented via powertable in Vision, which actually came together quite nicely once I got the hang of its many features. I solved most of the issues with printing (there’s a weird one where stretching columns to fill the full width of the table cut off the table on print, solution was to subtract some pixels from the width and set column sizes in script), but we really need 3-line headers on the printout.

I have a potential workaround – insert a few rows on top just before print that colspans the whole thing – but ugh, and I’d have to adjust my configureCell bindings.

Oh, that reminds me, is there such a thing as a multiline cell with adjustable row heights? I had to use multiple real rows for the column headers, but getting them down to just a couple would be ideal.

It sounds like you are aware of setting the column header in the power table to <HTML>blah<BR>blah
I actually haven’t used the .print() function sorry.