Preferable IDE's - Community Recommendations and Experience

Hi all,
I’ll like to hear some experience and recommendations of some of the most popular IDE’s
The most popular ones: IntelliJ,Eclipse and Netbeans, is there any other good one out there?
Would those also allow me to create components for Vision and Perspective?

In general, any pros and cons.
Any opinion is well appreciated.

I know at least some of the IA guys use intelliJ. Maybe most of them? Not sure. I have no other comments though as I’ve never used any others, apart from Pycharm from the same family which is excellent

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I switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ this year due to some graphics regressions in Eclipse on Linux (related to the Nvidia proprietary driver, so no priority for my situation). I’ve gotten used to most of the shortcut and menu differences, finally. Some observations:

  • IntelliJ is noticeably faster than Eclipse.
  • IntelliJ’s code recommendations are more comprehensive than Eclipse.
  • I really like IntelliJ’s project paradigm versus Eclipse’s workspace paradigm.
  • I’m not entirely happy with IntelliJ’s import automation.
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Curious what you mean by this?

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I prefer explicit imports for everything. It has given me wildcard imports at times, and doesn’t always import to nested classes. Haven’t investigated too closely yet, though.

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I started back with just Notepad in windows / nano on linux and then upgraded to Notepad++. From there I went to Eclipse for Java and Atom for everything else.

During April last year, I started using IntelliJ and did not like it too much (very much maven based.
About September last year I moved to VS Code for most of my development with me firing up Notepadd++ on occasion as well.

VS Code and Atom are by far my favorite editors due to the extensionality followed by Eclipse and Notepad++. Nano will always have a place in my heart since quick and dirty edits are super easy.

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