Preload pens on button parameters - Vision Ad Hoc Trend Chart

First of all I love Travis’s Vision Ad Hoc Trend chart. It is flexible and a great asset to my projects.

Has anyone figure out a way to preload pens for the Ad Hoc chart. Like set a list of tagpaths as a parameter on a button so that when launching the Ad Hoc chart window the tagpaths already exist as pens on the chart?

Or if there would be someway to have it pass a saved graph when the trend page is launched?

I would appreciate any direction!

Vision? If your trend is a popup window, try this:

If your trend is in the same window with the buttons, try this:

With Perspective, you’ll want to perform a similar assignment, possibly with a script transform.

Though I appreciate ptrumel’s responses, I think he may have missed what I had asked here.

I am using Travis’s Vision Ad Hoc Trend chart. Which is available in the ignition exchange.

The question was how do I navigate to a windows with his Ad Hoc Trend Template, and have it load a predetermined group of pens.

After some digging I found the existing load pens function on the load graph button. My solution was create all of the desired graphs and save them publicly using the save graph button. I added a custom property on the Ad Hoc Trend template, graphID. The graphID corresponds to the database id column. I also placed a graphID property on the window and bound the template to it. This id is the passed parameter on the navigation button that opens the trend.

I then added a script on the templates property change:

if event.propertyName == "ancestor":
	if id!=0:
		import system
		database = ""
		info = system.db.runPrepQuery("SELECT title, tagpens, axes FROM saved_graphs WHERE id = ?", [id], database)
		if len(info):
			chart = event.source.getComponent('Easy Chart')
			chart.title = info[0][0]
			chart.tagPens = system.dataset.fromCSV(info[0][1])
			chart.axes = system.dataset.fromCSV(info[0][2])

Seems to work well.