Prespective: Add values to dropdown from tag (Query based)

Ignition_Dropdown_values Hello,

I cannot find any information on how to add values to a dropdown in Perspective using the tag (Query). This would be very helpful. I do not want to write a named query or manually add items.



Your dataset is 30x7

You use the options binding and have to and need data set to be Label and Value

SELECT col1 as ‘value’, col2 as ‘label’ FROM db.table;

Check out the properties in the options portion of the componentdata

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Thank you for the quick response and the pic. It does work. Thanks. Do I need to be concerned that it looks like it has an error even though it works?


It is a known bug. Although I thought It was remedied in one of the recent builds. Make sure value and label are lowercase too.

I believe you could also change the Return Format to json as part of the binding, and as long as the columns are label and value, it should work.

Thanks, I did do as lowercase.