Prevent pop-up window from closing


I’m working on a code where I want user to confirm, “Are you sure you want to close this pop-up. any unsaved data will be lost!” OK / Cancel.

I’m able to give a popup with “OK” button on visionWindowClosed event, but I do not find a way to stop a window from closing.

Try this:

from javax.swing import JOptionPane

pane = JOptionPane()

strMessage = "<html><center>Are you sure you want to close this pop-up?<br><br>Any unsaved data will be lost!"
strTitle = "Confirm Close"
frame = None

btnOpts = JOptionPane.OK_CANCEL_OPTION
msgType = JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE
icon = None
options=["OK", "Cancel"]

idxResult = pane.showOptionDialog(frame, strMessage, strTitle, btnOpts, msgType, icon, options, options[1])

If idxResult == 0:
   [Close window code]

For more info on Java swing dialogs, see:

Thanks for your reply. But this will work with a custom close button. what i’m trying to achieve is on the default “X” close button.

Ok, so you need to take 2 steps. First, you need to disable the default close action on the x button. To do that, place this inside internalFrameOpened on the popup window:

from javax.swing import WindowConstants

Then you need to present an option to close the window or not, and then call dispose() on the window, as we have overridden the close command:

from javax.swing import JOptionPane

parent = event.source
message = "Are you sure to close this window?"
title = "Really Closing?"
optionType = JOptionPane.YES_NO_OPTION
messageType = JOptionPane.QUESTION_MESSAGE
if JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(parent,message, title,optionType,messageType) == JOptionPane.YES_OPTION:

Happy Hacking!!