Prevent Sleep on Android Tablet


we developed some view in Perspective we want to present to Operator directly on Machines via Android Tabled. These Android Tablets are managed by our IT department via Microsoft Intune. Our Problem is that we cannot turn off Sleep Mode on the Tabled, this means the Tabled is always black after some minutes. After some research we found a possible solution vie "Developer Mode" on Android where we can turn off Sleep Mode.

This works for some Hours but after the "Policies" refresh this is again turned off and the Tabled run into sleep :(. According to our IT Dep theres no way to allow this option to keep on permanently.

Now my question is, is there any possibility from Perstpective Side and/or from Igntion Android App to prevent the sleep Mode?

We will be really happy to get any tips :slight_smile:

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That all depends on the tablet really... even different versions of android dont work the same on this.
Things that could help:
Keep the phones charging/ inspect battery policieses.
The developer mode is a good direction.

You could also go look for thirdparty apps
(quick google search found this


Sounds to me like the fundamental problem is your IT department. Fix that. :man_shrugging:


Hi victordcq,

this worked for us.
Thank You!


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