Preventative maintenance scheduler?

Anyone out here created a preventative maintenance scheduler? I was thinking of something that would:

a)keep track of machine hours while running
b)display machine status (running, idle, down)
c)display a list of maint actions that can fire on a date to alert maint techs
d)act as an input for engineering to create new maintenance items per machine
e) and of course display/alert this all in a straightforward fashion

Anyone out there already doing this? Any tips or lessons that you learned?


-Adam S

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We are creating an asset management system to do stuff such as this. It wont be ready for 6 months though. Also, the MES module might do some of this as well.

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Thanks Kyle. I’m planning on looking a little deeper into the MES system, but I’d of course prefer to work with what we already have invested in with Ignition.

Any chance you could provide a brief description of how your system will work and how you plan to collect and display the information? Asset management seems to be a similar topic… our PM system would probably be about the same, but with an extra layer for sub-systems and tasks for each machine. Appreciate your help.

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I’m also looking at doing something very similar in Ignition for a maintenance scheduler. Setting up different Machine Centers that all have runTime and such. Any tips on how to set it up? Was thinking of utilizing Alarming and SQL tables but haven’t quite pieced it all together yet.

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What are the best add-on modules to accomplish a Preventative Maintenance Scheduler? After doing lots of research, it sounds like no module is specifically made for this task. What has everyone used?

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I don’t know of any “add-on modules”.

But, what you’re talking about is EAM (enterprise asset management) which should have several layers.

Chiefly, having a good Asset Registry. Then a CMMS. Then spare part inventory. Then you can start researching RCM² and root cause analysis, risk categorization, blah, blah, blah …

There is a unmet demand here for a ‘module’ to do this kind of work. I think it would be difficult to make. Cause ‘assets’ mean different things to different orgs. Its hard to see some pre-canned thing doing that. I would rather make it in ignition and a DB. Because, at some point if you were using someone else’s stuff it isn’t going to do what you want.

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I ended up just creating custom stuff with Ignition and SQL tables. Its not particularly pretty. But there is certainly a lot of ground work that needs to go into it, such as defining equipment/ machine areas, tracking performance, parts etc…
And it can all tie into OEE and downtime reporting too so it can get a bit messy if not defined well from the beginning.


Thanks for the responses guys!

After a lot of research on OEE / Scheduling modules, I decided to create my own Preventative Maintenance Scheduler with a combination of some custom tables. I am sure it can be done, but in order to for it to fit well into this system, a custom screen was the best option.

Good luck to anyone who stumbles into this in the future! Let me know how it goes!

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what’s your current status?

Hello Guys, Anyone else have done something about Preventive Maintenance scheduler?

I’m at the very beginning stages of this myself. Trying to determine best KISS method. Thinking of using Ignition historical to update sql table of cycle counts. Run a script to query daily for any counts > X, then notify maintenance planner. I can get into auto-generation of work orders later on. Same maintenance planner will have a screen to reset cycle counts when work order is complete.