Preventing Tag Change event trigger in multiple projects

If I have gateway tag change event scripts configured in more than one projects for same set of tags, then the scripts for even inactive projects are getting executed, due to tag data base being common for all projects. How to prevent it? I want it to trigger scripts only for active (open) projects. This is causing a lot of problems.

Of course I can disabling the trigger scripts in other projects and save them , is one option, but any other better option?

Disable the projects where you don’t want them to run. Or better, only put the event definitions only in leaf projects.

Also, if you want an event that only runs for open clients, you need a client event script (in Vision), not a gateway event script. The whole point of gateway events is that they operate no matter how many of that project’s clients are open (even if none).

Perspective is a bit trickier, as there’s no corresponding client events. The closest alternative is to bind the appropriate tags to custom session/page/view properties and define onChange events on those properties.

How to disable projects? I open one project at a time, but all non-open project scripts also receive the trigger and they run! I am disabling the scripts in all non-open projects to stop them from execution! I am interested only in gateway tag change events, not client, so currently client scope is not required for me.

I will have to use inheritance in projects I guess in that case!

But how did you get the duplicate event scripts into multiple projects? Solve that problem first.

Say I have common set of tags that generate tag change events in different projects for different purposes (different logic of scripts) then I have to list all tags in tag change list with corresponding script for each project. For example in one project a set of tag change events are used to write a http post command, in another they write to data base etc!

Ok, if the purposes are different then they should be running independently. I guess I don’t understand the problem.