Previous Screen Button on Navigation Panel

I created a Navigation Panel on left of the screen which is a Template so it could be used on all the screens. There is a Previous button which does not seem to work.

I need to go back to the previous screen which was opened before whenever that Previous Button is pressed. Is there any script for it? Please if someone could help.

You should be using a docked window here, not a template. Otherwise you’ll need to include this on every single main window you have which becomes a maintenance nightmare if something changes (position/size/etc). (Not to mention, this is exactly what a docked window is intended for) this might resolve your navigation issue as well, as I haven’t seen this not work before

Thanks for your answer. My Template consists of a Navigation panel on the left and a header at the top, which actually works out pretty well for my application. I just applied that template to all of my screens. So when I have to change anything, I just do it on the template and it applies it to all of my screens. Can I apply docked window to all of my screens?

A docked window is an independent window that you can launch at runtime. It acts independently to the main Window and can be ‘docked’ to any of the four sides of the client window (e.g. north, south, east, west).

You can have any number of windows docked, so you can have a west-docked and a north-docked window. Note that the precedence is configured within the Project Properties for Vision (i.e. whether to make North/South or East/West the primary docks which take the space if you have 2 opposing docks configured, as would be in your case).

Because the docks are independent, it also means that they’re unaffected by page navigation, in that they remain displayed without any flickering as might occur with the method you’re using. They also remove the pain of development whereby if you use a template on the page, you need to be careful not to move the template while developing.

You should definitely move to docks… engineers who come to work on your project in the future will thank you

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I will definitely consider using docked windows (looks like a better way to do navigation). For now I created a docked window and added that previous button just to see if it works, but it did not. Any idea as to why it did not work?

when you’re navigating, are you using the Swap or Open window option? If you’re using Open, then you won’t have a page history as you’re essentially starting a new history each time you launch a page. (You’ll also be stacking windows on top of each other and increasing memory usage and reducing performance)

Generally, you should only use Open for opening popups


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I am using open window option for navigating and as you said that could be the reason why go back function does not work. Let me try using swap and see if it works.

It worked perfectly fine! Thanks for the solution and also suggesting me to use docked windows.