Previous Screen: system.nav.goBack()

So I need to create a previous screen button. Simple enough I used the scripting options, set it to “go back” thus using the system.nav.goback() script function.

But it doesn’t seem to work. v7.6.6, I assume I’m doing something wrong, yet it seems pretty obvious?

I have two docked windows, North (header) which contains my tab strips for window navigation, South (footer) which houses my “previous” button. “Main” windows appear between.

OK, perhaps unrelated, but a similar problem is occurring for me:

I have a Header Docked Window.
Header has a button to swapTo the Alarm Summary (Main Window with a goBack button).
Below it is the First Main Window (maximized).
Main has a button to swapTo an Easy Chart (Main Window with a goBack button).

I click the Easy Chart button.
Then I click the Alarm Summary button.
Then I click the goBack button.

Now I am back at the First Main Window.

this is how we do it.

[code]window = system.nav.goBack()

if window is None: # No window change. Disable back functionality
system.tag.write("[Client]Window History/canGoBack",0)
else: # Successful window change. Enable forward functionality
system.tag.write("[Client]Window History/canGoForward",1)[/code]

This seems to work flawlessly. Hope it helps.

Just an update, the problem was that none of my main windows were set to “Start Maximized”. The previous/forward commands relay on tracking the “maximized” window, because I didn’t have this checked none of my windows were detected.

I unchecked this feature while designing my windows for 1920 x 1080 resolutions, I kept getting scroll bars and turned off this feature in an effort to sort through that. Turns out that was never the issue and I never re-checked it.

Thanks to IA tech support!!!