Primary key on alarm_event_data

Hello community!

Using SQL Server, We are setting up data replication of alarm_event_data.

It seems to be impossible because this table do not have a primary key.

Is there a problem if I add a pk_id autoincrement column as a primary key?

That’s weird. I have some alarm_event_data tables, and they all have a primary key field named id

The column name id is not a primary key. It is a link with the table alarm_event.

A primary key must be different for all rows in a table. This is not the case here:

Use a composite primary key of id+propname. Unless you are using old MySQL, which can’t do that.

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May I ask which SQL platform you are using and if you were able to make the id column to be Composite Primary Keys?

I am using MySQL 8.0.26 and having this same issue.

MySQL 8.0 documentation suggests you should be able to: MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 8.3.6 Multiple-Column Indexes