Primary server cannot find taghistory from remote tag provider

I got this problem when upgrading from ignition 8.0.4 to 8.1.10. While renaming both gateways and databases. (pretty much everything was renamed)

So now I have tried to set up everything from a clean. (deleted database connections, even reconnected the gateway network between the servers)

I have a mainserver and a secondary server:

  • Main server is basically just vision, while the secondary server has historian module.

  • Both servers (now) have the connection to the same DB.

  • Tag provider server is actually storing tags and values, this can be verified in the mainserver using the database SQL browser.

  • I have opened everything in “Service Security”

  • History access mode “Gateway Network” is obviously not working.

    • When I set it to database I still get nothing

Ignition 8.1.10 on both servers

Any tips would be much appriciated!

I have attached some screenshots below:



Some settings: