Print alarm display path in vision window

Hello, I am using the ignition vision module. And what I want to do is to print the instant alarm dislay path on a label. I want to do this with a code in the project library script. Is this possible? thanks.


I can enter all alarms with this code.

But I only want new , instant print alarms.

How do I convert it?

Change your paradigm. Querying event status repeatedly is very processor and network intensive. Avoid that. Instead, use an alarm pipeline that has a script block. In that script block, assemble a message with the allarm information and send it (with system.util.sendMessage) to your project’s clients. In the Vision client, use a message handler to unpack the message, get the window, and if open, set the text on the desired label.

(Print never goes to a label, only to the diagnostic window. You must assign a string to the text property of the label.)

Thank you for your suggestion, but also how can I access the display path of the last alarm only? I just want one alarm that comes last.