Print out screens for use in manual

Is there any easy way to print out all the screens within a project? Also my customer has asked for this while the machine is in a container on the Pacific Ocean somewhere, so is there a way to print the screens out whilst having no connection to a controller?
They are wanting the screen images to form part of their operational manual.

You can write a script to open each window and use this to capture it

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Is this function available only in ignition 8 ?

Here is link for creating screenshots of project windows so they can be saved/printed. I have used it and it does work, although you may have to alter it slightly to fit your needs.

No, system.print.printToImage has existed in Vision for a long time. There’s no equivalent replacement for Perspective, at least at present.


But the document link given says ignition 8 ! Hence the confusion!

…Yes, because it’s in the 8.0 manual, because Vision still exists and is perfectly usable in 8.0.


I took version 8 as perspective ! Thanks for clarification