Print PDF of main window

We have a project that has [navigation] menu windows docked to the North and West. We want to put a button on one of the nav windows that will print the main centered window as a pdf. Is this possible when the main window is not a report, and how would we reference a window other than the one the print button is on?

You can’t print the window as a PDF. However, you can print the window or save it as an image. Here is an example:windowName = system.nav.getCurrentWindow() try: rc = system.gui.getWindow(windowName).getRootContainer() job = system.print.createPrintJob(rc) job.setMargins(0.5) job.showPageFormat = 0 job.orientation = system.print.LANDSCAPE job.print() except: # window not opened passHope this helps.

That worked! Thanks Travis.

May I know is there any changes after few years? Or Ignition still can’t print window as a PDF ?

In perspective it should work in a brower for sure, just ctrl+p
Tho it might not look exactly the same as the screen.

In both Vision and Perspective, locally printing to a PDF is a function of the local OS having a PDF print driver.