Print Perspective XY Chart


I have provided my client with an XY chart (attached) that allows them to select different KPIs and see trends over a selected period of time. This works fantastic, however my customer has asked if there is a way for them to directly print the charts out.

I know that In vision with the easy chart you could print it, but I dont think the Perspective XY chart has that functionality.

Can anyone think of a good way to print these charts that are dynamically created? My initial guess was to create a report that takes Start/End/KPI as parameters and print it that way, but I would like for them to be able to print the chart exactly as they see it, including zoomed in.

I greatly appreciate any ideas!

You are entirely dependent on the user printing from their browser.

I apologize, I am not sure if you are asking me that or telling me that.

If they do File > Print it isnt smart enough to just print the popup, it tries to do the entire screen (and not even correctly)

Keith G.

I think he means that there is currently no way to print perspective components from a session, you’re entirely dependent on the user printing from the browser. In other words, currently, there doesn’t seem to be any functionality in perspective to implement this. If there was, I have not been able to find it, as we are trying to print the entire browser (or the contents of perspective within the browser), and I imagine the two problems are very related.


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I believe your only option would be to somehow create a custom CSS stylesheet or modify the CSS stylesheet that ignition uses to provide separate styling for printouts. This way you could hide all the elements you don’t want in the printout.

However it would be somewhat complicated and hard to maintain, I believe.

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Will Alt-PrintScreen not capture the pop up or active window and paste it somewhere and print!

It copies the entire perspective page not just the component.