Print Report from gateway script


Probably someone had done this before and I can’t find it. What I’m trying to do is on a tag change in the gateway script, I would like to print a report with the information in the PLC’s tags.

I know how to get in Tags info from there and put it into my MySQL database, But can’t seem to be able to get the Report Viewer componant into the CreatePrintJob, it always comes in as empty…

And it also looks like the invokeLater doesn’t seem to work well there neither, but it’s probably caused by the NoneEmpty error


Hi Eric,

The report viewer doesn’t exist in gateway scripts. Report viewers only exist in clients. So you could leave a client open somewhere and use a client gateway script to do what you are trying to do.

Or you could use a gateway script and get the PLC data and create a CSV or excel file with the data and use that.

Here’s a couple similar forum topics:

Nick Mudge
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I did think of that… It’s as my plan B, but it’s A now :smiley: