Print report is slow

I have found that when printing from FPMI there is sometimes a delay for the print dialog box to appear. Usually the slowest time is the first time the user prints or after the user has not clicked print in a while.

The most resend screen I have received the complaint on is where I have a report and a print button with this code

event.source.parent.getComponent('Report Viewer').print()

is there anything I can do to prevent the lagging print dialog box?

Sure, to print to the default printer and don’t show the dialog box do the following:event.source.parent.getComponent('Report Viewer').print(None, 0)If you want to use a specific printer change the first argument from None to the printer name.

The report can be printed from any number of computers. There would not be just one named printer that could be used. The user still needs the option to change their printer. Why would the print dialog box take so long to appear when first called?

There’s probably nothing you can do to alter this time, as it’s in Java’s domain to show that box.

I’d look for correlations between Java version, Windows version, and installed printers to try and figure out what piece is causing the delay. Maybe it’s a networked printer that is taking a long time for Java to query its printing capabilities?