Print Screen Button


I’m having trouble with getting the print script to work,

job = system.print.createPrintJob(event.source.parent)

I’m running this script from within a configured event on a momentary.

I get the following error when I use the button in the designer preview mode:

Error running action ‘dom.onMouseDown’ on project/site/area/Processing Statistics/Components/PrinterButton@D$0:1/root/Button: AttributeError: ‘com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.script.Imm’ object has no attribute ‘print’


That function is Vision Client scope only, you can’t use it in Perspective.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to capture a screenshot and print it from Perspective.

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Thanks for your response,

Does that include a control+P type function? where the operators need to print to PDF or a local printer.


They can hit ctrl-P and let the browser print.

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hahaha, that’s a fair point.

But I’m changing over a brownfields site from Factory Talk and they want the exact same functionality.

Vision may have been a better choice for 1:1 functionality. Building for the browser is a very different paradigm.


So they don’t want much functionality at all? :joy:

Now if the conversion was reversed, you would have to explain to the customer that they would be left with Notepad when they had Word


Don’t hold your breath waiting for this. Browser security pretty much prohibits anything like it. Maybe possible in the future in Perspective Workstation.

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