Print Window Automatically Once a Day

I have project with a window that I would like to open and print automatically at 6:00AM every day.

The window has a table component in it that populates when the window opens.

The project is usually left running 24/7.

Any suggestions?

Client timer script?

Works as long as the client is running.

Gateway timer script can work if you just want the data printed out.
:scratch: How much work is it to get a gateway script to launch a client?
Carl, Travis? Is this doable? I would think the client that gets launched would have to be auto logged in.

Yeah getting it to launch a client and then print the window from a gateway script would be awkward. If you already have a client open 24/7 then you can use that one.

I’d use a client timer script as suggested that opened the window when it detected that it was 6:00, waited a bit to ensure the window opens and data bindings fill in the data, and then print the table, and then close the window.

This topic covers automatic printing.

The scripting for this can get pretty hairy - let us know if you run into any snags.