Printer API, possible to connect?

Hi all,

I’m trying to get printer status from a label printer with C# API. Need some advice on how to connect and read data directly from Ignition - if possible?

Thanks in advance.

Ignition is not written in .NET so this library/API is not directly useful.

You might be able to use it to build a small .NET web service that you can communicate with from Ignition, that in turn communicates with the label printer.

Thanks Kevin,

That’s the road we are going, just wanted to check if its possible to get it done without additional software.

It actually looks like that API has a little web server built in that you can start and stop… so it might not be much work.

Maybe its possible to read the windows printer driver status? All we need is online/offline and que status.

Don’t expect the c# code to be easy. Learn the language of ZPL. You’ll find it easy to do if you can get your hands on one sample zpl file with the commands to encode it. In order to add more details to an existing mark, I literally had to learn this two days ago to change zpl. The zpl language is pretty easy to understand and with a printer you can do all your tests on a notepad.