Printing a project

How can I print all the screens of a project? Screenshots while not connected to devices are not coming out to good with all the errors on links. Need to print screens out to put a manual together.

If you haven’t seen it, look at Snagit.

It will let you capture and annotate.

Satisfied user.


That looks like it would work better than “print screen”. I still have the problem of not being connected to devices in the project.

In Designer, you can Disable Overlays under the view tab. Then disable gateway communications.
Now you should be able to write any values you want into text fields, numeric fields etc… It will give you an error that the gateway is not in read/write mode, but the value will stick. Now you can take your screen shots.

Headers, Side Panels, etc will have to be cut and pasted into place in paint or snagit.

Hope that helps.


Snagit has a feature for capturing web pages.

If you select a web page and move the cursor to the lower, center portion of the page, you will see a down arrow in the center of a circular popup. If you click that, it will capture the page scrolling down to get the entire page. You can get tall images if the page is very long.

Snagit can also create training videos, capturing your live configuration actions.

It really is a nice program. There is a 30 day demo.

I hope this helps.