Printing a table in perspective

I am making a button to print the table above it in the same flexcontainer.

I already use an export to csv script on a button next to it.

component = self.parent.parent.getChild("StopData").getChild"Table"
csv= system.dataset.toCSV(component)"The file name I chose.csv",csv)

I saw something about 7.9 using this:

Then I saw people were having issues getting all of their table data when it had a scroll bar, some of the data would get cutoff.

So how do I print this table?

edit:I need to edit the flex container path, I had added one
so now I have self.parent.parent.getChild("StopData").getChild"Table" instead
(added one more parent)

You can’t make a browser print your page. v7.9 doesn’t have Perspective, so any technique from it would not apply.

The supported solution is to use a Report Viewer, or trigger a download of a printable file with

I thought system.print.createPrintJob() could do it

well I am trying to put my named query into a report

I designated it, but the table is not populating

edit: became a tedious process of entering each column name and then doing some grouping stuff

still have not figured out how to make it look right
The other report had a total of 1400 width on a sheet that was 790ish
It looks much better, not sure how to scale this table down yet either