Printing barcode to Zebra printer with Zebra API

How can I get the Zebra API installed under ignition? Tried the jars in your Ignition gateway’s ../lib/core/common and restart. Got error from the LicenseManager.

What error?

What else have you tried?

You might not need the SDK at all, if I remember correctly it doesn't actually give you a whole lot.

Getting this error:

W [g.LicenseManager] [22:49:21]: Could not read license from HASP key. HASP login() failed. Last error = 14.

when I tried to copy all the jar into common.

Not sure what else I can try.

We can do it without the SDK, but out client want us to use the SDK.

Nothing to do with copying the JAR into common, and it was always in your logs.

What are you expecting to happen after copying the JAR into common?

if I bring only ZSDK_API.jar then I don't get that. Am I bringing the right JAR? And expecting to this to work.

I don't know - do you have a link to this SDK and some documentation for it?

Using on Windows platform. Link below:

You would likely need all the JARs, they are dependencies of the main API JAR.

Copied the ZSDK_API.jar in the Ignition gateway’s ../lib/core/common and restarted again, and this time it's working. Not sure why it wasn't working since yesterday. Taking all the JARs was causing the license manager to fail. Thanks for your Support.

Whatever error you were getting was not that LicenseManager warning. That happens on every Ignition install that doesn't have a hardware license key, which is essentially all of them.

Every time I was putting all the JARs my log was ending with that error, and the designer wasn't loading. That's why I assumed it was the case. Appreciate your support.

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