Printing from Report-module, offset

Hi all,

We have system printing to a label printer, using Vision and container print. This works great.

Now we are looking into printing from the gateway (external input trigger) so I have created a report and using the executeAndDistribute command to start the print job. But what ever I do I’m not able to make it fit the label. As the container print job is spot on I cannot set any offsets on the printer.

Any ideas on how to tweak this to success?

In my experience this is a printer driver problem, not an Ignition problem. I print to a lot of Datamax printers and the issue is that the printer driver needs to have a matching label stock setting that matches the report size (and orientation) or else it doesn’t know what to do with it and will seemingly randomly pick a stock size setting. I would check that first.

It’s all set up correct. Printing Containers (also Ignition) works flawless. :man_shrugging:

Interesting. I print to SATO printers as well without issue. I don’t specify orientation in the function though, maybe that has something to do with it? That looks like the only difference. Here’s what I do:

settings = {"primaryPrinterName":printerName}
	def printing(set=settings, RN=reportName, prodN=prodNum):
		logger = system.util.getLogger("Printing Report")
		import time
		start = time.time(), project="ExportLabels", parameters={"ProductCode":prodN}, action="print", actionSettings=set)
		stop = time.time()
		logger.infof("Time to execute and print report: %s seconds", str(stop-start))




My setup is landscape, and believe I need it. I think I have tried every combination possible now. :sweat_smile:

useAutoLandscape* defaults to true. If useAutoLandscape is false, pageOrientation , which can have values of “portrait” or “landscape” (default is “portrait”), is used.

Maybe try setting the roll on the report settings to 90 and print in portrait?