Printing of Alarms/Alerts

would be nice to have ability to optionally send alerts/alarms to a line printer with a customizable message.

Many plants with SCADA have a dot matrix printer used as an audit trail for a hard copy of alarms .

Sounds like a good idea for a module someday. If you happen to have some programmers running around, point them to the Developer Program :smiley:

If not, we’ll have to come back to it when we start focusing more on peripheral functionality. Unfortunately, that could be a while…


I’ve seen this many times so I know exacted what your talking about, but I have to ask, Do they still make dot matrix printers?

Can anyone suggest a more modern solution/technology? In the past I have seen worm drives used for this sort of audit trail. Again I don’t know if you can still buy them. How about Mysql’s archive engine? It only allows inserts.

Dot Matrix printers are still available, put pricing relative to laser printers is quite high. Average 9pin dot matrix is $700-$1000.
Many plants still use them for maintenance logs

How are dot matrix printers connected? Are we talking about the old style “parallel” printer connected to “LPT1” on a computer?

We have some Okidata dot matrix printers that we use (not for alarming stuff though) that are connected with simple DB-9 serial and also can be USB.